How To Delete Your Amazon Order History: A Step-by-Step Guide

A global e-commerce behemoth, Amazon has changed how we shop. If you’re wondering how to delete order history on Amazon, the website has seen several purchases from millions of clients over the years.

Amazon makes it simple to keep track of your shopping, but there may come a time when you want to remove some or all of your purchase history for a variety of reasons, such as protecting your privacy or clearing out your account.

In this comprehensive video, we’ll walk you through the process of deleting your Amazon order history.

Why Delete Your Order History?

It’s crucial to comprehend the potential reasons for your decision before we go into detail about how to delete your order history on Amazon.

Here are a few such explanations:

1. Privacy Worries: A few customers worry about their personal data being kept on file in their Amazon accounts.

If you share your account with others, deleting your order history helps protect your privacy.

2. Declutter Your Account: Over time, your order history can become cluttered with past purchases, making it challenging to find current orders.

Deleting older orders can help streamline your account.

3. Gift Purchases: If you’ve bought gifts for family and friends on Amazon, you may want to remove these purchases from your order history to keep the surprise intact.

4. Personal Organization: Some users prefer a clean and organized account.

Deleting order history can help you keep track of your recent orders more efficiently.

Now that you understand the reasons why someone might want to delete their order history, let’s proceed to the steps to achieve this on Amazon.

Step-by-Step Guide To Deleting Order History on Amazon

Follow these simple steps to delete your order history on Amazon:

Step 1: Log in To Your Amazon Account: Start by using your favorite web browser and going to the www page of the Amazon website.

Utilize your email address and password to sign in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Access Your Order History: Hover your mouse over the “Account & Lists” tab in the top right corner of the Amazon site after logging in.

There will be a drop-down menu. Click on “Your Orders.”

Step 3: View Your Order History: You will now be redirected to a page displaying your order history.

Here, you can view all your past Amazon purchases.

To delete specific orders or items, locate the order you want to remove.

You can scroll through your order history or use the search bar to find specific orders quickly.

Step 4: Remove an Individual Order: Click on the “Order Details” button next to the order you want to remove in order to delete only one order or item from your purchase history.

You may choose from a number of alternatives on the order details page.

Step 5: Delete an Individual Item: If you want to remove specific items from an order while keeping the order itself in your history, click the “Archive order” link next to the item you want to delete.

Confirm the action when prompted.

This will remove the item from your default order view but retain the order itself.

Step 6: Delete an Entire Order: To delete an entire order from your history, locate the order you want to remove and click the “Archive order” link below the order summary.

Confirm the action when prompted.

This will remove the entire order from your order history.

Step 7: Refresh Your Order History: After deleting orders or items, you can refresh your order history by clicking the “Refresh” button at the top of the page.

This ensures that your changes are saved.

Step 8: Verify Order Deletion: To confirm that the order or item has been successfully deleted, go back to your order history.

The order or item should no longer appear on your list.

Step 9: Repeat as Needed: Repeat these steps for any additional orders or items you wish to delete from your order history.

Keep in mind that once an order or item is deleted, it cannot be recovered, so proceed with caution.

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Deleting Orders From The Mobile App

You may also remove orders through the Amazon mobile app if that’s how you want to manage your account. This is how:

(i) If you aren’t already logged in, open the Amazon app on your smartphone and do so.

(ii) To access the menu, tap the symbol with three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the application.

(iii) Scroll down and tap on “Your Orders” to access your order history.

(iv) Find the order you want to delete and tap on it.

(v) To delete an entire order, tap the three dots (more options) in the top right corner of the order details page and select “Archive order.”

(vi) To delete specific items from an order, scroll down to the item you want to remove, tap the three dots next to it, and select “Archive item.”

(vii) Confirm the deletion when prompted.

(viii) To refresh your order history, return to the main “Your Orders” page and pull down to refresh.

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Important Considerations

Before you start deleting your order history on Amazon, here are some important points to keep in mind:

1. Permanent Deletion: Once an order or item has been permanently destroyed, it cannot be retrieved.

Before accepting the action, be certain that you want to delete it from your history.

2. Visibility To Others: If you share your Amazon account with family members, they may still be able to view the order history, even if you delete it.

Consider adjusting your account settings for shared access if privacy is a concern.

3. Archiving vs. Deleting: Archiving an order or item hides it from your default order view but retains it in your account.

Deleting permanently removes it from your order history.

4. Order Tracking: Deleting an order will also remove its tracking information.

If you need to track a past order, consider saving the tracking information elsewhere before deleting the order.

5. Multiple Devices: Ensure that you are logged out of your Amazon account on all devices, including mobile apps and web browsers, to avoid accidental order deletion.

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You can safeguard your privacy, clean up your account, and keep your information organized by managing your order history on Amazon.

Amazon offers simple-to-follow instructions for deleting your shopping history, regardless of whether you wish to delete single goods or complete orders.

Just remember to exercise caution, as deleted orders and items cannot be recovered.

So, go ahead and take control of your Amazon order history, creating a more streamlined and personalized shopping experience.

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