Ways to Highlight Your USP in Marketing

What you do as a business – what distinguishes you from your competitors – is something that you aim to identify through your unique selling point (USP). However, repeatedly drawing attention to this in your marketing in a single-minded manner might not be the best approach, as it could make your audiences think of it more as a gimmick as if you have nothing to offer beyond it.

Instead, you want to make it more neatly integrated into the rest of what you do. However, this makes marketing harder, as the difficulty still comes to how to highlight your USP without falling into that precarious pitfall.

Look to Examples

Before you get started, it can’t hurt to look at how other brands approach this issue to guide your own approach. When done well, it’s something that you might not even notice without analyzing the content in depth. Looking outside your own field can be valuable here as well, putting you in the mindset of an audience member looking at the marketing content. 

You could consider an online casino, for instance, such as Spincasino.com/ca. That might be a label that only attracts those already interested in the genre, so how to appeal to other gamers? Or people who are completely unfamiliar with the games and unsure whether they want to start? Bringing attention to the variety of games and the different tastes they cover, such as music, film, and sport, is one way to go about it.

However, when using real money and personal details, security is something that will be important to customers, and so focusing on the professionality of the brand can bring those in who are on the fence, such as by highlighting the certification of their games, reviews from external professional bodies and assuring them of the encryption and security of the site. 

Make it Relevant

You have complete control over how you structure your marketing content, and as a result, this means that you can sculpt the context around what you’re promoting. Randomly bringing up your USP when it doesn’t seem relevant might feel jarring, and that’s something your audiences could notice.

However, if it fits in much more naturally with how you’ve gone about framing the initial pitch, the inclusion of your USP might be able to do its job of sounding appealing without taking anyone out of the moment. 

There is an art to marketing something subtly, and while you might be enthusiastic about making your USP known, this tactic might prove more fruitful with certain audiences.

Contrast Expectations

It could also be that your USP is something that looks to directly address criticisms and issues that audiences have with many brands in your industry. For example, if the cost of service is something that comes up again and again when customers look to enlist services in your area, your USP might be an alternative payment system that makes it more manageable and, therefore, more appealing.

Taking the opportunity to position yourself as the brand who is not only listening to these concerns but also ready to do something about it might help to endear certain audiences to what you do in particular. Addressing consumer criticism is difficult, so finding ways of doing it in a way that puts a more positive spin on them might be worth your time.

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