What Is About Blank and How To Remove it?

If you are here then chances are that you have already encountered ‘about blank’.

You must be panicking about what this is? Is this a bug or a virus? Is it bad for my computer?

If you are oblivious about this ‘about: blank’ then don’t worry folks because today we will give each and every information under the available on ‘about: blank’ and also, we will tell you how to remove it.

What is About Blank?

As you may have experienced, ‘about: blank’ is nothing but a blank page with ‘about: blank’ written in the address bar.

It is not a part of the internet rather it is an in-built page in your browser.

It is available across all browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or any other browser available.

‘About: blank’ is a blank page that is part of about: URL, which is used to process internal commands like you can type about: downloads to view your browser’s download list, you can type about: settings to open the setting page of that browser.

In essence, ‘about blank’ is like a blank home screen of your browser which is not intended to load any web page but they have some hidden features in it, it is a command built into the browser.

How To Remove About: Blank?

As we mentioned earlier, ‘about: blank’ is an in-built page in your browser, hence you cannot remove it, but what you can do is you can suppress it.

However, it will always be there under the hood. But don’t worry it will not pop up.

We have given step by step approach to suppress ‘about: blank’ for all browsers below.

Follow the steps given under each browser category to remove ‘about: blank’ in your browser.

How To Remove ‘about: blank’ In Google Chrome

Step 1: Head to the menu of Chrome.

Step 2: Select settings.

Step 3: Go to the “On startup” option.

Step 4: There you can either choose “new tab page” or delete ‘about blank’ from web pages and choose any other web page.

How To Remove ‘about: blank’ in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Go to the menu of the browser.

Step 2: Select option

Step 3: Then go Home

Step 4: Here you can select your desired homepage, ensure that ‘about: blank’ or ‘blank page’ isn’t selected.

How To Remove ‘about: blank’ In Safari

Step 1: Open Safari.

Step 2: Go to ‘preferences’

Step 3: Then go to ‘general’

Step 4: Under the homepage, you can remove ‘about: blank’ and enter any other home page.

How To Remove ‘about: blank’ in Microsoft’s Edge Browser

Step 1: Open the menu.

Step 2: Go to settings.

Step 3: Select ‘on startup’

Step 4: There you can either choose “new tab page” or delete ‘about: blank’ from web pages and choose any other web page.

How To Remove ‘about: blank’ In Internet Explorer

Step 1: Click on the menu button.

Step 2: Select ‘internet options’

Step 3: Remove ‘about: blank’ from the home page.

Step 4: Enter the desired address of the home page.

This was how to remove ‘about: blank’ in each browser.

What Is The Use of About: blank?

Now that you know what is an about: blank, let us look into the uses of about: blank.

1. Some people prefer blank pages as their home screen.

2. When you open an executable browser icon it starts to eat up the excess computer and network resources, ‘about: blank’ prevents it by opening a blank page.

3. If you have a slow internet connection or limited internet data then setting up ‘about: blank’ as your home page you can open a new tab without wasting your already limited internet resource.

4. If you have an old PC then opening a tab directly will not be easy for your processor as whenever you launch a browser it starts to perform some functions under the hood which can further slow down your PC, setting up ‘about: blank’ as home screen prevents your browser from performing functions under the hood.

5. To perform and give commands to the browser like About: history which opens up your browser’s search history.

These were the functions of about: blank.

Is ‘about: blank’ a Virus or Malware?

When an ‘about: blank’ opens up, some people may think that it is a virus or a bug, after all, it is just a blank white screen, and it is genuine to take it as a virus or malware.

But the truth is that ‘about: blank’ is not derived from the internet or any external source to your browser, it is an in-built page in your browser, and something that is in-built in your browser can not be harmful to your browser.

Some people purposely choose ‘about: blank’ as their home screen.

Common Causes of ‘about: blank’ Pages

The common causes for the display of ‘about: blank’ pages are.

You entered a URL that your browser was not able to execute or understand so in return it shows a blank page, which technically means that your browser was not able to understand your search query.

You came across a bad link or URL.

Your browser detected something fishy in the URL you are trying to open, so in return, your browser shows an ‘about: blank’ instead of letting you enter that URL.

If your browser doesn’t know what to do or where to go, it shows an about: blank.

These were some common causes of about: blank.

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In this detailed guide, we have tried to cover everything about ‘about: blank’. ‘About: blank’ may seem like a bug or virus at first sight but we confirm that it is not harmful to your device, it is only an in-built page of your browser.

Now, the only question that remains is whether you should remove ‘about blank’ or not, the answer to this is, that it depends on you.

If you want to use ‘about: blank’ for the uses given in the “uses of ‘about: blank’” section then you should definitely go for it, else you can completely opt for it.

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