How To Play Google Minesweeper [Update In 2024]

Remember how our Windows XP used to have this super confusing game called Minesweeper? A game that every kid despised because it was so hard to play, and you could hardly win it. And there was this question, how to play Google Minesweeper?

But turns out that this game doesn’t work on intuition.

As a kid, we just clicked on boxes and let our luck do the job if we hit a number, incredible!

And unfortunately, if we hit a mine, then the game sucks.

Now that Windows XP has become outdated, and you can hardly find Minesweeper on your PC, we miss that game.

Good old memories.

Luckily there is Google Minesweeper, which works exactly on the same principle.

In this blog, we will be decoding the way to play Minesweeper and will answer the question of how to play Google Minesweeper.

What is Google Minesweeper?

Google Minesweeper is a remastered version of the traditional minesweeper game, which used to come preinstalled on our PCs.

The game had simple mechanics: click on the squares with numbers under them, and if you accidentally hit the mine, you must start from the beginning.

Now that the Minesweeper game isn’t preinstalled on our PCs, we can download its remastered version from the browser.

Just type Google Minesweeper on the search menu and click the play button.

How To Play Google Minesweeper?

Now here is how you can play Google Minesweeper.

First, we will go through how you can open Google Mine Sweeper on your PC, and then we will understand the mechanics of the game.

Then we will finally move on to the guide to playing Google Minesweeper.

How To Open Google Minesweeper?

Google Minesweeper is a remastered version of the classic Minesweeper game that was preloaded on our computers.

The game’s mechanics were simple: click on the squares with numbers underneath them, and if you unintentionally struck the mine, you had to restart from the beginning.

While the Minesweeper game isn’t preloaded on our computers, we may use the browser to download the remastered version.

Just put google minesweeper into the search bar and press the play button.

Google Minesweeper Mechanics

First, let’s take a look at Google Minesweeper’s mechanics.


In the beginning, you will get a grid.

Your first click is free; you can click anywhere, and no one will be under it.

After your first click, some squares will unravel the numbers under them.

While other squares will either have a number or a mine under them.

Now here is where the game starts.

You must discover and click on the squares with numbers under them while avoiding mines.

Mouse Clicks

In Google Minesweeper, you just need to use your mouse.

The left click will unravel the box, and the right click will mark a box.

Marking a box is done when you suspect a mine can be under that box.

Meaning of Numbers

Each raveled square will have a number on it.

This number denotes the number of mines attached to that square.

Let’s say a square has the number 2 written on it.

Therefore, two of the unraveled squares attached to it have a mine in them.

Remember that all squares are attached to a number count, even the diagonal ones.

Now that you know the basics of Google Minesweeper, let’s move on to how to play Google Minesweeper.

How To Play Google Minesweeper?

Here is how you can play Google Minesweeper.

Step 1: Launch The App and Select The Difficulty Level

It is best to start to form easy settings and then move on to an expert.

You can even customize your grid to your liking.

Step 2: A Tutorial

In the beginning, a tutorial will start.

Ensure you understand that tutorial to get a good grasp of the game.

Step 3: Start The Actual Game

After the tutorial, start the game and click on any square.

The first click is free.

There will be no mine under it.

It will unravel a bunch of squares with numbers on the parameter squares.

Step 4: Understand The Numbers

You will first be given a grid.

Your initial click is free; you may click anywhere and there will be no mine beneath it.

Upon your initial click, some squares will reveal the numbers beneath them.

Some squares will have a number or a mine beneath them.

This is where the game begins. While avoiding mines, you must find and click on the squares with numbers underneath them.

Each number denotes the number of mines attached to a square.

Now look at the adjacent raveled square and match the number.

By calculating, you will find a square with no mine under it.

Click on that square, and it will unravel more squares.

Step 5: Continue

Keep doing the same until there are just mines left, and you will win that level.

So this was how you could play Google Minesweeper.

How Rare is a 7 in Google Minesweeper?

You will rarely encounter a 7 in google minesweeper.


This was all about google minesweeper.

This game requires quick decision-making as the clock keeps running while you play the game.

It’s fun to revisit old video games and relive our childhood; Minesweeper is one such game.

Yet, this game does not rely on intuition.

When I was young, we merely clicked on boxes and let chance do the rest.

If we struck a number, it was beautiful! And, regrettably, if we hit a mine, the game is over.

We miss that game now that Windows XP is obsolete, and you can scarcely locate it on your PC. Nice old times.

But now we have Google Minesweeper.

Every grid has a unique solution that needs to be solved by using logic and experience.

You will lose a lot in the beginning, but as you practice, you will become very good at the game.

Minesweeper Alternatives

While Google offers a readily accessible version of Minesweeper, there are alternative options available for a varied gaming experience.

Interested players can enjoy Minesweeper online, or, for those on mobile devices, there are apps available on iOS and Google Play, catering to a wide range of preferences, and difficulty levels, and providing smooth interfaces.

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