Google Update March 2024: How To Handle This

Hello digital marketers! Google has already started rolling out its March 2024 Update from 5th March 2024. And just like its previous update rolls, once it will be completed, Google will update that on its status page.

But, right now the concern is how we, the digital marketers need to handle their websites, so that this Google Update March 2024 can’t affect their website in a negative manner.

If you stay updated with all the Google updates, you know how a single Google update can hamper a website as a whole if you are doing something wrong.

Now, the question comes…

What is wrong as per Google?

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind.

Here, in this article I’ll provide a detailed guide on that.

Google Update March 2024

Google Update 2024 March

And Google has given 2 months to all the digital marketers or SEO experts to review their website and take the necessary actions, so that this update can’t affect their websites in a negative manner.

That means, you have time till 5th May to fix your mistakes or wrong doings.

Now, the ultimate question comes again…

What is the “wrong doing” as per our favorite search engine Google?

In order to know that and also make a strategy of fixing things, you need to do a detailed analysis of the Google Update March 2024. This particular update has 3 parts.

  1. Broad Core Update.
  2. Helpful Content Update.
  3. Spam Update 2024.

Now, let’s have a deeper look in these parts.

Broad Core Update

Now, this one is the usual Google core update, and the first one of the year 2024.

Every year Google rolls out two Broad core updates, one of them usually rolls out during the month of February or March. And the second one comes after a gap of 6 months. This year, in 2024, the Google March 2024 Update has already started rolling out on 5th of March.

The main purpose of this update is to rank the more useful content at the top positions of SERPs.

Now, if you are generating or already have generated the content that are created with the sole purpose to gain traffic and rank higher on SERPs and are not serving the main purpose of giving the user helpful content that they are looking for.

It has been a long time, Google is prioritizing the requirement of the user. You need to understand one thing, and that is keywords are the words or phrases that a user uses on any search engine in order to get the answer of their queries.

The user just wants to know the answer or wants to get useful information regarding that.

Users have no interest in how SEO optimized your content is, or how many times you have used the keywords, or how much traffic the keyword can attract. They just want their query to get solved.

Understanding Google Broad Core Update 2024

Picture this: You are a digital marketer or SEO expert. Right now, you are looking for information on Google Update March 2024. Now suppose I am giving you information on the update of 2022, 2023 because, the Google Update 2022 and also Google Update 2023 has huge search volume.

That doesn’t mean I am not providing information on the current 2024 update. But we are confusing the readers with unnecessary information in order to gain traffic by focusing on the keyword.

With this Broad Core Update Google wants to show those pages on the top of the SERPs, which are giving the users the information that they are looking for.

And the interesting thing is that, as per Google’s own estimation, around 40% of the search results will get affected by this update, as they contain unoriginal, low-quality content.

I believe after knowing about this update, you already understand how major this update is, and also Google is updating multiple systems with this update, it will take around a month to get completely rolled out.

During this update roll out, a lot of pages will go down and a lot of pages will rank higher. And once the update roll out will get completed, Google will let us know by stating it on its status page.

So, in case you’ve performed these types of low-quality, unoriginal content publishing, then your website will get affected though this update.

On the other hand if you are generating and also have generated content to give the user useful information with focusing on the keywords solely, then your websites are safe. The calculation is simple, when those 40% websites will go down (as per Google), other websites will automatically start to rank higher.

Helpful Content Update

Since 2022 Google has started rolling out this Helpful Content Update. However later Google changed its name to Helpful Content System. Google was launching this particular update in series.

This Helpful Content Update 2024 is the last of this series.

That doesn’t mean, afterwards Google will stop focusing on Helpful Content Update, but it will become an integral part of the core ranking system. That means, after this recent update, Google will not launch any separate Helpful Content Update.

So, what will it do?

It will continue to upgrade the helpful content update as a part of the Broad Core Update. That means, next time, when Google will launch any Broad Core Update, remember that it will also include the Helpful Content Update.

This altogether another story and that is, the Helpful Content Update will roll out continuously just like a core update.

In case, any website is generating massive amounts of content and publishing it on their website with the sole purpose to gain more and more traffic, Google is going to exclude those websites without any new update rolling out.

Understanding The Google Helpful Content Update 2024

Suppose, you are generating and publishing a huge amount of content, and those content pieces have a sole purpose of gaining more and more traffic without focusing on the user intention or what the user is looking for, Google will punish your websites.

Previously, I mean before the launch of this Google Update March 2024, if you have published some massive number of articles with the main purpose of attracting more traffic with the help of keyword optimization, Google used to pull down those particular pages.

But, now, if you are generating a massive amount of low-quality, unoriginal content, your whole website is going to get affected.

Spam Update 2024

Now, let’s talk about the Spam Update 2024. Google has given digital marketers 2 months time to fix the issues in their website that Google is saying spammy as per this update. Now, when Google is saying spammy websites or spam, it is indicating two things.

One of them is the Scaled Content Abuse Spam and the other one is Expired Domain Spam. I know, many of you know the Expired Domain things, but the scaled content scenario is pretty fast.

And in order to stay safe from the Google March 2024 Update, you need to take care of both these things.

Understanding Google Spam Update 2024

So, you have a website and your main agenda is to get more and more traffic and monetize those traffics. So, you are publishing more AI-generated, Human-generated or a mixture of both AI and human generated content.

But those content pieces are not serving the requirement of the user. Now, Google is going to pull down your website through its spam update 2024.

On the other hand, suppose you are running a travel agency or owning a restaurant. Now, you came across a new website that has higher DA and also has a good reputation in the market.

You thought of publishing the content of Best Japanese restaurant near me, or best places to visit this summer on that new website.

Think carefully!

The purpose of a news website is to deliver news and whatever is happening in the world. And that website has nothing to do with travel places or restaurants near me. So, when you are doing this, Google will come for you.

Now come to the Expired Domain thing.

Purchasing expired domains is not a new thing in the space of digital marketing in SEO. Usually, you buy an expired domain to utilize the backlinks it already has and use them in order to get more traffic and monetize your website.

This common practice is considered as Parasite SEO.

If you are also doing this or have done this Google is going to pull your website completely down. That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for an expired domain. But when you are buying one ensure that the domain is aligning with your current niche.

If you are buying a government website and then using that for a travel blog, this is not going to help you my friend.

Final Talks

So, you can see that Google Update March 2024 is all about improving the user experience. Always remember that the main purpose of a search engine is to answer the questions of the users.

And if you want to stay safe from every type of Google Updates, always focus on the user’s intention. After all, we are working for the benefit of the users. Here is a brief summary of the things you need to keep in mind.

  • Stop publishing huge amounts of low-quality, unoriginal content; and avoid publishing scaled content.
  • Focus on giving genuine information and answering the user queries without focusing on the keyword too much.
  • Generate more helpful content and do not go for evil short-cuts.
  • Do not use domain reputation in a fraudulent manner.
  • Think twice before opting for Parasite SEO or buying an expired time.
  • Follow a particular niche and stick to that.

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