How To Become Partner At Law Firm? Full Guide

So you started working at a law firm.


One of the best ways to make huge money at a law firm is by becoming a partner. This is also a primary aim of many lawyers when they join a law firm.

But how to do it? It is not like you will be accepted as a partner during the initial days of work. 

You have to work hard and gain the trust of other partners before becoming a partner yourself. 

Also, there is a set of skills that you need to possess in order to become a partner at a law firm.

If you are excited to know how to become a partner at a law firm then you have come to the right place.

In this blog, I will give you 3 highly effective methods that you can use to become a partner at a law firm. 

How To Become a Partner At A Law Firm Top 3 Methods

These 3 methods need to use in sync with one another, if you miss even a single one of them, your chance of becoming a partner at a law firm will decrease. 

Method 1: Sharpen Your Skills

Having a good skill set can help you to gain the trust of the law partners. 

A highly skilled lawyer is an asset for a law firm and what better award a firm can give him than making him a partner of the firm?

Hence, it is very important that you work on honing your skills in your initial days in a law firm and then give consistent results based on those skills.

Here are some tips to do so.

  • Master a Niche

There are many branches of laws, and one can not master all of them. Hence, it is important to become a master in a specific niche of law and then you will attract the attention of the partners.

Having mastery in a specific field of law will ensure that, whenever a case is handed to the firm relating to that field, you will be the first choice of the partners. 

From there you will be highlighted as a good employee and then there will be more chance of yours to become a partner.

  • Develop Reputation

Having an outstanding reputation is very important. Law firm seeks individuals who have good reputations so that their client doesn’t turn off the law firm just because of the negative image of the employee. 

How To Develop a Good Reputation?
  • By delivering quality work.
  • By remaining at the top of your niche. 
  • By meeting deadlines. 
  • By satisfying the need of your clients. 

By having a good reputation, your chances of becoming a partner will increase many folds. 

  • Make a Partnership Mentor

Everyone who wants to achieve big needs a mentor. And if you want to become a partner at a law firm then there is no better mentor than a partner himself.

You can follow how a partner became a partner and then apply those same principles.

It will save you from guessing games and will give you a clearer path to follow.

  • Actively Participate in Projects

Give your 100% in all the projects, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Actively participating in all the firm’s projects will ensure that you are looked at as a valuable ass for the firm.

Plus you will increase your skillset and will become more likely to elect as a partner for a law firm. 

  • Build Your Brand Value

Your brand value is the thing that will separate you from other people. I don’t think so I need to tell you how to build your brand value as a lawyer.

It’s a straightforward answer, by winning more cases. 

For this, you need to work hard and hone your skills.

Method 2: Generating Wealth for The Firm

Isn’t it obvious?

If you can generate wealth for your firm then you already are a prospect for a partner. 

Here are some ways by which you can generate wealth for your firm. 

  • Satisfy Your Clients

The sure shot way to generate wealth for your firm is to satisfy your clients. If your clients are satisfied they will return and hence will create a bond more that of a firm and client.

Satisfying your client is also related to a high skill set. If you can satisfy all your clients then surely you will be given an offer to become a partner of the firm.

  • Give Your Clients Follow-Up Calls

Now that your clients are satisfied it is time for follow-up calls. 

It is just to know that your clients are good and whether they are in need of any service of your firm or not. 

This also boosts the relationship between the firm and the client.

  • Help in the Hiring of New Employees

Becoming an asset is not enough, finding more assets for your firm is also very important. If you can bring new talented individuals to the firm then you are performing extra work for the firm. 

And it is appreciated in many ways. 

If you continue to do this then time is not far when you will be awarded an even higher post and eventually will be offered to become a partner of the law firm.

  • Bring Value to the Business

All the above points sum up to one single point, and that is to bring value to the business. 

A partner’s ultimate motive is to increase the value of the business, and if you can do that then you will surely be awarded an offer to become a partner.

Method 3: Building Relationships

  • Cultivate Healthy Relationships with Partners and Associates

Having a healthy relationship with the higher authorities like partners of the firm is very important.

This is not a bootlicking tactic, but rather is a tactic that can help you to gain access to the arena of premium employees.

Not every employee sits and eats with the associates and partners, right? 

But you have to become one, by providing value to your firm and maximizing their profits you can ensure that you are building a healthy and sometimes a casual relationship with the partners and associates of the firm.

  • Work with the Partners

Apart from your daily routine, work with the partners as well. Help in the hiring and firing process, find good employees for them, and many more. 

If you are well-known among partners then your chances of becoming a partner of a law firm will increase exponentially.

  • Work Actively in Firm Committees

There are many committees at a law firm. Try to work actively for them, this will show your dedication to the firm and how qualified you are for becoming a partner.

So these were the three methods that you can use to become a partner at a law firm.

Parting Words

Now that you know how to become a partner of a law firm, start following these methods from day 1 itself. 

Yes, it will take years to become a partner but trust me the wait is worth it.

What is your favorite way of becoming a partner at a law firm? 

Do tell us in the comments.

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