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How to get subscriber to Social media has become a powerful tool and because of this it also has unraveled huge earning potential.

But not everyone can earn using social media. Only peoples who have a huge active follower base are in a position to earn. According to studies only 4 to 5% of people using social media are creators rest either consume content or hardly generate any content. 

Therefore, social media still have a lot of opportunity, but with time it will become a saturated platform. 

Therefore, you have a huge chase of earning by finding a new platform that has less user base but will explode in popularity in the future.

One such platform is 

If you are here then you must be wondering, “how to get subscriber in ?” 

Well, it’s not easy but is doable. This blog will give your tips and tricks that you can how to get subscriber in

What Is is a social media platform that started in 2015. what makes this platform different from others is that in this platform audience can directly donate money to the creator in the form of USD, crypto, or Ethereum! 

Creators can also earn tokens by receiving engagement in your content. These tokens can be used to promote and upgrade your website. came into the news when popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter started banning creators for their content. 

The reason why creators were banned is that their content or remarks were anti-governmental and were seen as potential threats to the peace and security of the country. 

However, creators claimed that it is their right to speech. Whoever is at fault is not a question here, this blog is not about that. 

How to get subscribers to

How to get subscriber in is similar to gaining audiences on any other platform. You have to post a ton of relatable content and keep your audiences entertained. Here are a few ways to earn subscribers on 

1) Select A Niche

The first step is to select a niche. You can’t build an engaging audience by posting random content. You have to select a topic that interests you and you enjoy sharing that with others. 

For example, if you are interested in tech then posting tech-related content will build an audience that is interested in tech. You will be able to entertain and educate this group of the audience better. 

Here Are A Few Ways Of Selecting A Niche

  • Select a topic that interests you.
  • Gain knowledge on that topic.
  • Find what people find difficult to understand related to that topic.
  • Deliver the solution.

2) Post Content Related To Your Niche

Now that you have selected a topic to build your Minds’ profile around. It is time to start posting content related to that topic. 

80% of your content should be educational (tutorials, DIY, etc), and the rest 20% can be entertainment (mini vlogs, munchy content, etc) As you keep posting people will identify you as an expert in that field and thus will lead to an increase in followers. 

Here Is How You Can Generate Endless Content Ideas On

  • Take ideas from other creators and present them in your way.
  • Go to quora and search for questions related to your topic. 
  • Do a ‘ask me anything’ post and answer those questions using videos. 

3) Post Regularly

One of the hardest steps for how to get subscriber in is to remain consistent. 

You have to post regularly if not daily. More the frequency of your posts faster will the result be. If you are serious about making a career in then before posting your first piece of content you must have at least a month’s worth of posts ready to be posted. 

This will ensure that you will remain consistent for a month and starting months are very crucial for growth. 

4) Link Your Other Social Media Handles

Let’s face the bitter truth, is still a new platform and you won’t find much happing there. But you can direct your audience on to your other social media and form other social media to 

In essence, connecting all your social media platforms will help you grow in all platforms together and by the time will become famous you already would have established a good account. 

5) Engage With Your Audience

Merely having a large audience won’t get you anywhere. You must have an engaging audience. The engaging audience is the type of audience that engage with your posts by sharing, saving, commenting, and liking. This is why having a definite niche is crucial. 

To Increase Engagement You Can Do The Following Things

  • Go live and talk to your audience.
  • Once a week post a ‘ask me anything’ post.
  • Reply to comments under your posts

6) Use Hashtags

Using popular hashtags is a cheat code for success on Using hashtags will ensure that your post remains with the trend. Also, if someone visits a hashtag then your post will also get some views. 

Therefore, keep yourself updated with popular hashtags. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is not to overuse hashtags. just 4 to 5 good and trendy hashtags and more than enough. 

7) Collaborate With Other Creators

Collaborating is a good of getting some traffic from other creators. Collaboration presents something new to the table plus you also form some powerful connections.

Select some creators that are doing well in their field. Message them and ask whether they are up for a collaboration. You can do a podcast, short educational content, etc. 

8) Promote Your Profile

The last step is to promote your profile.

Promoting your profile will help you in reaching new audiences. You can pay for shoutouts or you can do it just by collaborating with other creators. 

On you get tokens for your engagement. These tokens can be used for upgrading and promoting your profile. This was how you can increase subscribers on

Parting Words

For now, may seem like a space that lacks users. But in near future, it has the potential to explode in popularity.

You can ensure a secure future in by straight to post form today, and within no time you will have a massive following and then monetization is inevitable. 

The last thing is to have fun. Because if you don’t like posting and living like a creator then you won’t be able to sustain for long.

Therefore, work hard, and have fun and you will grow in no time.


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