How to Increase Followers on Instagram for Business

Instagram has taken the world by storm you will hardly find anyone who is not using Instagram.

Initially, Instagram was merely a social media platform, you post photos and videos, and people like them, and that’s it.

Nothing fancy.

Until people started using it as a marketing tool.

Yes, Instagram can now be viewed not only as a successful social media platform but also as a powerful marketing tool. 

Afterall all your potential customers are using Instagram. So, why not run your ad campaigns or set up a digital store there?

But to have a successful business on Instagram you need to have a good amount of followers. 

And not just any ‘follower’ but the one that engages with your feed and buys your product or services.

Now the question remains, how to increase followers on Instagram for business? 

In this blog, we will be talking about the strategies you can use to increase followers on Instagram for business.

Why increase followers on Instagram for business?

Why should a business focus on increasing its followers in the first palace?  After all, you can post and forget and let the algorithm do its job.

However, this is not the strategy one should be following. 

Statistics show that profiles with more followers perform the best, and here are some reasons.

1. More engagement equals more sales.

If more and more potential customers follow you then it means that they want to be connected with your brand. 

This helps a lot. In a recent interview Kevin Systrom, the owner of Instagram, stated that profiles that experience more engagement perform better. 

This means that if you have a good follower base and they actively interact with your posts then the Instagram algorithm will favor you and your profile will be recommended to more and more people. 

2. People trust you. 

Will you buy something from a brand who have just 100 followers?


More followers show that your brand is a trusted and well-established one. Therefore, gaining followers will ensure that your brand looks genuine and trustworthy. 

3. Free-of-cost Advertising

You can target your potential customers without paying a penny! 

If your customers follow your account and you post about your products and services then you are not only engaging with your customers but are also promoting your products for free!

4. Blue tick

One good way of showing that your brand is a genuine one is by gaining a blue tick.

Profiles that are verified and belong to some influential business or person gain a blue tick on Instagram.

Gaining a blue tick on Instagram is like a hack of success, brands will collab with you, and people will look at you as an established and trusted authority. 

But gaining a blue tick is hard, you need to have a profile with a lot of real followers and a great audience with a lot of engagement and this is why having a good number of followers is important for growing a business on Instagram.

Now that you know why you should focus on gaining maximum followers on Instagram, let’s move on to the methods of gaining followers on Instagram for business.

How to increase followers on Instagram for business

Increasing followers on Instagram is not an easy task but it is doable. Increasing followers on Instagram is all about providing value to your audience.

 Here are some ways to increase followers on Instagram for business.

i) Sell quality products and services. 

 Before gaining a single follower make sure that the product or service that you are selling is top-notch. 

If what you are selling is good and has the potential to stand out then in a matter of months you will start gaining followers.

ii) Post relatable content.

Your profile should reflect what you do. 

Only post content that relates to what you are selling, don’t clutter your feed with all types of posts.

Having a clean and to-the-point profile enables followers to get a picture of what you are offering. 

Therefore, your posts ranging from reels to stories should be all about your product.

iii) Post more reels! 

Recent stats show that people spend more time scrolling through reels therefore, Instagram’s algorithm promotes reels much faster than any other form of a post.

Therefore, a hack to gain more visibility and the overall following is by posting more reels relating to your product. 

You can also hire someone to do that for you.

Overall, reels are a great way of establishing your presence and gaining followers at the same time. 

iv) Reach out to Influencers

If you are just starting and want some initial boost in your followers then reach out to the Instagram influencers and ask them to collab with you.

The thing is that these influencers have already established a fan base and if they recommend your product to their followers then chances are that many of them will at least visit your profile and check out your products.

Plus if a reputed person is promoting your product then your goodwill is going to increase automatically. 

v) Post consistently

 Now that everything is set up, make sure to post consistently. 

It can be thrice every day or thrice per week, here more is better. If possible try posting a reel every day or at least thrice a week as reels perform the best.

On the days when you are not posting anything on your feed, try interacting with your followers through stories and polls. 

vi) Giveaways

Who doesn’t like giveaways?

Giveaways are a great way of attracting followers plus you will be giving some products to a person for free and can expect a genuine review of that product. 

vii) Interact with your customers

Remember how engagement means more followers? 

Here too you need to interact with your customers. Send them your recent offers and deals, as them for review.

This not only increases engagement but also keeps you in touch with your customers. 

viii) Use trends and hashtags to your advantage

Trendy audio and reel trends can help you in getting more followers.

Have you ever noticed how a trend gets popular and suddenly your reel section is full of that trend? 

Well, you can use this to your advantage. Pick popular audio and trends and mold them to suit your product and make a reel out of it.

Yes, it does need a lot of creativity and hard work but gaining followers is all about how good you are at this. 

ix) Keep your feed updated

Last but not least you have to keep your feed updated.

This means posting regularly and posting what your followers need. After all, no one will follow an account whose last post was months ago.

These were some ways of increasing followers on Instagram for business.

Parting Words

Instagram can be a tricky platform but you can perform great on Instagram by remaining consistent and posting good content.

Instagram is all about content and if you are posting good and regular content the algorithm will favor you.

Also, don’t expect to have millions of followers in just a month, it will take time and effort. Just be consistent and have fun.


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