How To Get The Error Glove In Slap Battles | Full Guide |

Do you love playing Roblox?

If yes, then you must agree on one thing. Slap battles are super chaotic but fun! And if you are an enthusiast, getting an error glove in slap battles must be your goal.

Having an Error glove is like an achievement that you can show off to your friends. After all, it costs 20,000 slaps! And you get an Error glove badge as well.

But let us tell you one thing: getting an error glove is not easy because you have to hit several slaps to get an error glove.

This blog is about getting the error glove in slap battles.

What Is An Error Glove?

Initially, Error glove was known as Obama glove, but soon, this name was banned because of discrimination.

Error glove was introduced on 16th April 2021, and it required 20,000 slaps to unlock. Error gloves seem to have infinite power because upon being slapped by the Error glove, it sends the victim to the floating point till the victim begins to glitch.

The glove had a 5% chance of sending players to backrooms. Later this was removed as it was causing lag in mobile.

Abilities Of Error Glove

The ability that the Error glove posses is called Death. Which, when activated, instantly kills the victim with an error noise.

Pros And Cons Of Error Glove

Here are some pros and cons of Error glove

Pros Of Error Glove

  • Tab glitches can be countered using an error glove.
  • Slaps are almost impossible to survive, just like OVERKILL.
  • The passive bypass Reverse‘s ability.
  • One of the cheapest shots in the game.
  • After Obama’s name was changed to Error, this glove was the easiest to find.
  • Hitbox is very long.

Cons Of Error Glove

  • Golden, Blocked, Buddies and Shield’s abilities cannot be bypassed.
  • It’s borderline useless since Roblox has a built-in reset button.

How To Get Error Gloves In Slap Battles

Getting an Error glove is going to be chaotic. You first need 20k slaps in the game to get Error gloves! The game should be on a public server, as it is impossible on a VIP server.

Yes, it will take a while to complete. You can also crank up the speed of the process by getting 2x or 5x game passes.

Now that you have completed 20,000 slaps, you must head towards the lobby area to find your Error glove.

You will find a Moai statue when you come close to the normal arena portal. Behind that statue, you will find your Error glove.

If you have completed 20,000 slaps, you can click on to equip.

How Many Slaps Do You Need For The Error Glove?

You need to have at least 20,000 slaps to obtain an Error glove. You can do them by slapping one at a time or 2x or 5x the speed by game pass.

Parting Words

This was all you needed to know about how to get an error glove. It sure is chaotic but fun. Now that you know how to get an error glove on slap battles. Flaunt your badge in your lobby.

Happy gaming.

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