How To Wash Hey Dudes – Full Guidance

The name Hey Dude has now become synonymous with comfort, quality, versatility, and style. Hey, dude’s shoes are meant to last, but anything that is meant to last needs to be washed and cleaned regularly, so, how to wash Hey Dudes shoes?

This article is a full guide on “how to wash hey dude shoes” and “how to clean Hey Dude shoes“.

But before that lets us discuss that can you wash Hey Dude shoes?

Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes?

The official website of Hey Dude claims that all their shoes are washable except for Suede, Leather, and wool-type materials.

So, it is safe to say that yes, you can wash your Hey Dudes, just take care of the material used.

So, now that we have confirmed whether you can wash your Hey Dude shoes or not, let us jump into our guide on how to wash Hey Dude shoes.


How To Wash Hey Dudes Shoes Full Guide

There are two ways to wash Hey Dude shoes, they are Machine wash and hand wash.

Don’t worry both of them are tried and tested methods and they will not ruin your Hey Dude shoes.

Let’s start with the machine wash method.

The Machine Wash Method

This method is burrowed from their official website but, it is improved significantly to provide extra care during the washing process.

Step 1: Preparation

Before putting your shoes in the washing machine brush off the dust from your shoes, remember to use a soft-bristled brush, and then gently clap them together to shed extra dust from the sole. 

Step 2: Dismantle Your Shoes

Dismantle sole and shoelaces from your shoes, they both need to be washed separately from the main shoe body.

Step 3: Pack Your Shoes

Yes, you heard it right pack your shoes in a mesh laundry bag or a pillow cover, it will further protect the fabric of your shoes. 

Now here’s a pro tip wash your laundry bag packed shoes with some towels around it, yes, with towels.

During the washing process, chances are that your shoe will bang against the wall of the machine which can crack up the sole.

So, use some towels, but make sure the towels don’t leave any color.

Also, don’t add any other clothes, wash them separately with some towels. 

Step 4: Machine Setting And Detergent

Use the mildest machine setting your machine has and use cold water, your shoe fabric will thank it.

As for detergent, only use mild liquid detergent, don’t use powder detergent.

Now put them in the machine and let your machine do its work.

Step 5: Dry

Take out your shoes, sole, and laces from the machine and air-dry them.

Don’t use the machine’s dryer as the heat from the dryer will damage them.

Also, don’t air-dry them under direct sunlight, air-dry them in the shade or in-room, as direct sunlight can fade the color of your shoes.

 And that’s it now you have your clean Hey Dudes ready to take another day.

Now let me tell you how to hand-wash your Hey Dudes shoes.

Hand washing shoes can be tricky but, if you will follow this guide it won’t hurt your shoes.


Hand Wash Method

Step 1: Dismantle And Brush

Dismantle your soles and laces from your shoes and brush them to remove dirt.

Step 2: Soak

Soak them in a mixture of mild detergent and cold water for about half an hour.

Step 3: Brush Them

Take out your soaked shoes and brush them with a soft-bristled brush, remember not to apply much force, just brush them gently.

Don’t forget to brush the sole, you can also use a toothbrush to reach those pesky corners.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse your shoes with cold water, never use hot water in any of the steps.

Step 5: Air-Dry

Just like in step 5 of the machine wash method, always air dry in a shade or room, and never air dry under direct sunlight.

So, this was a full guide on how to wash Hey Dude shoes.

But sometimes your shoes don’t need a wash they just need some cleaning, let me tell you how to clean them.


Dismantle your soles, and laces from the main shoe body, brush them with a soft-bristled brush, and then gently clap them together, now get a clean cloth and slap it hard on your shoes to further clean them.

for the sole, wet the corner of a clean cloth and clean the rim of the sole with it, and then dry it with a clean dry cloth, and voila! your Hey Dude shoes are clean and ready to use.

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FAQS Relating To Hey Dude Shoes

Now lets us discuss some frequently asked questions about Hey Dudes shoes.

1. Can You Wash Hey Dude’s Shoes?

Ans: Yes, you can. According to the official website of Hey Dude’s shoes, the majority of Hey Dude shoes are washable. The unwashable materials are Suede, Leather, and wool-type materials. 

2. Is it OK To Put Hey Dude’s Shoes In The Washing Machine?

Ans: Yes, all the shoe materials that are labeled washable are machine-safe and can be washed without worry.

Just wash them separately with mild liquid detergent in cold water.

3. Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes By Hand?

Ans: Yes, all washable labeled Hey Dude shoes can be hand washed. Just follow the steps given in the above guide.

4. Can Hey Dude Shoes Be Dried?

Ans: Yes, you can dry Hey Dude shoes but, remember to only air dry it, and that too under shade.

Completely avoid machine drying as its heat can damage the shoes and don’t dry them under direct sunlight as it can fade away the color.

5. Can Hey Dude’s Shoes Get Wet?

Ans: Yes, due to its canvas material, Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof. But, due to their canvas material, they dry off easily.

6. What Are Hey Dude Shoes Made up of?

Ans: Hey, Dude Shoes are made from recycled plastic called PET fibers.

These recycled PET fibers are very soft and durable and hence they can last a long time if you take good care of them.

These were some frequently asked questions about Hey Dude.

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Hey, Dude is really a good brand when it comes to shoes.

They provide high-quality and stylish shoes at the best price.

Cleaning them could seem intimidating but don’t worry and follow the above guide and they will last you a lifetime.

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