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How to earn money in gcash platforms has indeed made our lives easy. You don’t have to bother to carry cash everywhere, just with a few taps on your mobile phone you can make payment.

Easy, right? 

Yes, it indeed is, and this is where many online payment platforms come into play, all platforms essentially work on the same principle, you scan the QR, input your PIN, and done. 

Though it is easy, these platforms provide nothing new to the table. 

But what if I say, there is a way you can earn money through one such platform? 

Sounds unreal right? 

But hold on, it is possible with Gcash.

Everyone knows what Gcash is and how convenient this app is.

But only a few people know how to earn money using Gcash.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail how to earn money using the Gcash app in 2023.

What Is The Gcash App?

Let’s first start by understanding what Gcash is. 

Gcash is a wallet app using which you seamlessly make all your cashless transactions.

It is like a wallet but virtual, it enables you to store all your money in your phone so that you don’t have to worry about carrying cash everywhere. 

To use the Gcash app you just have to pull out your phone, scan the QR code, and be done.

Gcash isn’t just for spending money, you can use it to earn money as well.

You can either earn passively or actively it just requires a handful of tricks.

Also, earning money from Gcash is safe and involves minimal risk. 

How To Earn Money On The Gcash App In 2023?

Here are a few ways by which you can earn money using the Gcash app. 

1. By Referring People

Gcash lets you earn cash rewards by inviting people to sign up.

You can generate your referral link and send it to non-Gcash users, when they sign up using your referral you earn some cash.

However, you will only get paid when your referral code verifies his Gcash account and he completes his first payment using Gcash.

To generate your referral code open the menu and tap on “refer friends”.

You will be provided a referral link, which you can share using any messaging app. 

2. Selling Prepaid Loans

Gcash pays 5% on all prepaid loans. 

Also, Gcash provides loans for many purposes amount of which ranges from 5 pesos to thousand pesos.

For every 100 pesos of the rebate, you will get 5 pesos, but it will add up if you can sell more pre-paid loans

3. Interest

If you want to earn money without any effort then let them sit on the Gcash app.

Yes, we are not joking, Gcash app gives 3.5% interest per year, which is far better than the 1% interest awarded by banks.

The Gcash savings account is backed by the largest bank in Southeast Asia, CIM Bank Philippines.

You just have to verify your bank account and start earning interest.

4. Gcash Invests Money

Investing always seems scary, but not anymore because you can invest using Gcash.

To start investing using Gcash you don’t have to be a pro, plus you can start your investment journey from as low as 50 pesos! 

To invest your money using Gcash, first tap on “show more” and then tap on “invest money” Now you will get a list of funds.

Choose the fund that suits you the most and start investing, easy peasy! 

5. Playing Games

Gcash introduces you to Goama games, a fun and easy way to earn money.

In Goama games by Gcash, you can play free as well as paid games and earn exciting prizes. 

You can also take part in tournaments for as low as 25 pesos and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

To start your play and earn journey on Gcash you first need to tap on “Glife” and then tap on “Goama games”

Now you can choose the game that you want to play, some games are free but have fewer returns while other require entry fees but gives good rewards.

These are the 5 ways by which you can earn money online.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Gcash:

i) Does Gcash Give Free Money?

No, you don’t get free money on the Gcash app, you can earn it by following ways. 

  • Referral.
  • Selling prepaid loans.
  • By playing games.
  • By investing through Gcash 
  • By earning interest. 

ii) What Is The Cash Limit Of Gcash?

The limit of the Gcash wallet is 100,000 per month. 

iii) How To Invest In Gcash?

  • First, you need to create a GFund account.
  • Then you have to fill out a questionnaire.
  • Now choose the GFund product you want to invest in. 
  • Now you can start investing in Gcash. 


So this was all about the Gcash app and how to earn money using the app.

It indeed is a convenient way of earning money plus the Gcash app also gives good interest.

Earning using Gcash is a no-brainer and gives good returns.

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