My FB Account Is Hacked How To Recover

Once social media was a safe place, with no hackers, no suspicious links, nothing, just share your thoughts and move to your day.

Recently, (within the last 10 years) the rate of cyber-attacks has risen exponentially, and no app no matter how well protected it is was safe from it. 

But to counter these attacks, social media giants gave the option of recovering one account to the user as well.

In case of serious attacks, one should report to a competent authority. But there are some ways by which you can recover your hacked account on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms and is the prime target of many hackers, once your account is hacked, the hacker can have full control of your social media life, probably the worst one could imagine.

But worry not because we have three ways by which you can recover your hacked account.

How To Tell if my Facebook Account has been Hacked?

The first thing is to know that your account is hacked. Here are some ways by which you can tell whether your account has been hacked or not.

  • Open your Facebook > settings and privacy > password and security > where you’re logged in. 

You will see a list of devices that are currently logged in with your Facebook account. If you find any suspicious device then you can immediately select that device and log out of that device. 

  • If there have been messages, posts, comments, etc from your account that you do not do, this shows that someone else is using your account while you were away. 
  •  If you are receiving alert emails from Facebook stating that someone has logged into your account then chances are that someone else is using your account.

So these were signs that your account has been hacked. Once you’re sure that your account is hacked you need to take some recovery steps to recover back your account.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Once you know your Facebook account has been hacked, here are 3 ways you can gain back access to your Facebook account.

However, if there is some serious hacking on your Facebook account then you should immediately report it to the competent authority and demand immediate action regarding the same.

Let’s take a look at these three steps.

Method 1: Reset the Password of Facebook

Resetting passwords is the easiest way of gaining access to your hacked Facebook account. 

To change the password you must have the phone number or the email address that you used to make the account.

Follow the steps given below to change the password of your Facebook account.

How to change Facebook password on mobile

  1. Open the Facebook app 
  2. Click on “need help?” or “forgot password” if this option is directly available. 
  3. If you clicked on “need help” then click on “forgot password” 
  4. Enter your registered email address or phone number.
  5. Click on “search” 
  6. Two account recovery methods will pop up, via email and SMS.
  7. Chose whichever is more convenient for you and tap on continue.
  8. Facebook will send you an account recovery code on the mode you selected 
  9. If you selected Via email then the code will be in your email box, and if you selected via SMS then the code will be in your message app. 
  10. Copy the code and enter it into the Facebook app. If by any chance you didn’t receive the code then you can tap on ‘resend code’ 
  11. Tap on “Continue” after entering the code. 
  12. After that click on “log me out of other devices,” and it will log out your account on all the devices.
  13. Now you can enter a new password and click on continue.

Your password is changed you can log in with the new password. The “log out from all devices” is necessary as it will log out your Facebook from the hacker’s device as well. 

And now that you have changed your password, it will be safe with you.

Method 2: Resetting your Password on your Desktop

If for some reason you don’t have access to your phone then here is the way by which you can change your Facebook password using a desktop.

How to change the Facebook Password using A Desktop

  1. First, you need to go to facebook’s official website.
  2. On the Facebook login page click on “forgotten password” this will take you to find your account page.
  3. Here you need to enter your registered phone number or email address and click on search.
  4. Then you have to choose the mode of getting your reset code, via email or SMS.
  5. Via email will send your code through the mail and via SMS will send you the code to your message app. 
  6. Choose your mode and click on “Continue” 
  7. Enter your security code and click continue. 
  8. Now you can enter your new password. 
  9. After the password is changed click on “log out of other devices”

Now your password is changed and all devices that have your Facebook account logged in will automatically get logged out.

Method 3: Reporting your Hacked Account

If your account is hacked then reporting it to Facebook is a good way of preventing the hacker from committing fraud using your account.

Here is how you can report your hacked account,

How To report hacked accounts on Facebook

  1. Using your desktop open facebook’s hacked account page
  2. Click on “my account is compromised” 
  3. Enter the e-mail or phone number that is registered to your account. 
  4. Click on search. 
  5. Enter your password and click on continue.
  6. Facebook will provide you with a list of reasons why you think your account has been hacked.
  7. Click on the valid reason or click on “I can’t see the right option in this list” 
  8. Click on continue.
  9. A screen will appear in front of you, click on “get started” present on the bottom.
  10. After that you will be directed to the next screen, click on “Continue” 
  11. Enter a new password.
  12. Click on “next” 
  13. Facebook will show you a list of emails linked to your Facebook profile. 
  14. Select the email and click on “next” 
  15. Then select your name and click on the next
  16. After that, if there is any information that you want to edit you can go back and edit it, else click on “skip” 
  17. Now your account has been secured, click on “go to news feed”

These were the three methods you can use to recover your hacked Facebook account.

Parting Words

If you want to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked then avoid clicking on suspicious links.

Also, don’t enter your sensitive information on third-party apps as that is the place from where hackers can easily retrieve your information. 

Being aware is good but sometimes your account can get hacked without any fault on your side, here you can recover your Facebook account by using the above three methods.

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