How To Play Wordle? Why is Wordle Going Viral in The UK?

Online games have taken the world by storm, everyone has that one online game that helps them to chill and relax a little.

Games are of different genres, some are packed with action and some are packed with knowledge.

Talking about games packed with knowledge, one such game that emerged recently is Wordle.

If you are here then chances are you too must have heard about this game and now are curious to know everything about this game.

You must have seen people flaunting their scores on Twitter, and now you must be curious to know what Wordle is. And why is this game going viral?

Well, you have landed on the right spot.

In this blog, we will talk about Wordle, a simple yet sophisticated game that has attracted a large number of users.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word puzzle game, it is one of the most intriguing word games out there and recently everyone is talking about it.

The game is owned by The Newyork times but was originally developed by the founder of the Wordle website, Josh Wordle.

People of all ages are loving this game, it is free to play, offers a healthy challenge to the players, develops vocabulary, and develops the reasoning ability of the players.

In Wordle, you can play one puzzle in a day and everyone plays the same puzzle, the game resets every day at midnight. The players can share games on social media and that too without revealing the answers.

Aim of The Game

The game provides a good challenge to its users. You will be provided 6 attempts to guess a five-letter word.

Each time you guess a letter and its position and you will be told whether the letter and its position you guessed is right or not.

Right and wrong are indicated by the color of the letter.

And if you guess all the letters you will win the day’s puzzle.

Why Wordle is Going Viral?

Wordle is going viral because of many reasons.

 (i) Ad Free

Wordle is an ad-free platform, which means that all those annoying ads will not pop on your screen.

This makes Wordle a very user-friendly platform.

(ii) Free Play

Worldly is free to use, which makes it accessible to a huge spectrum of audiences.

(iii) Educational

Wordle enhances the problem-solving skills of the user and also develops the vocabulary of the user.

This is beneficial for people of all ages and that’s why even kids are loving this game.

(iv) Provides Healthy Challenge

Yes, Wordle provides a good challenge to its users, that’s why this game never bores anyone.

(v) Non-Addictive

Nowadays all online games are super addictive and time-consuming.

However, Wordle is a very light and non-addictive game. You need to solve just one puzzle in a day and that’s it.

So these were some reasons why Wordle is going viral these days.

How To Play Wordle?

If you are willing to play Wordle then you first need to have to visit The New York Times game site and play there.

There is no app for this game and any app that you will find online is a fake one.

In order to clear a puzzle, you have to guess a five-letter word in 6 attempts.

  • You will only get one puzzle in a day.
  • You will be given 6 attempts to guess a 5-word letter.
  • You have to guess the correct letter and the correct position of that letter.
  • A Gray sign indicates that the letter you guessed is wrong.
  • A yellow sign indicates that the letter you guessed is right but the position of the letter is wrong.
  • The Green sign indicates that both letter and its position are guessed right.
  • The answer to the puzzle will never be in plural.
  • One letter can be used many times in a single word.
  • The game also keeps track of the number of times the game is played and your win and lose rate will also be recorded.
  • You can also share your achievement without revealing the answer to the problem.

So this was how you can play the Wordle game.

Where To Play Wordle?

There is no dedicated app for Wordle, you have to visit The New York Times games website and you have to play it on the web.

If you find any app which claims to be Wordle, then it is a fake one.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

(i) What Do Colors Mean in Wordle?

Ans: Whenever you guess a letter in Wordle the letter with changing its color to grey, green, or yellow. Here is what each color means in Wordle.

(ii) What Does The Grey-Colored Letter Mean in Wordle?

Ans: A letter will turn grey color when the letter you guessed is wrong. Here you will lose one attempt and you will be left with only 5 attempts to guess 5 letters.

(iii) What Does The Green-Colored Letter Mean in Wordle?

Ans: The green color is a positive sign, it means that the letter and its position that you guessed are right.

(iv) What Does The Yellow-Colored Letter Mean in Wordle?

Ans: Yellow color is a half-bad and half-good sign. It indicates that the letter you guessed is correct but the position that you guessed is wrong.  So these were the meaning of the colors in Wordle.

(v) How Do You Play Daily Wordle?

Ans: You get just one puzzle each day, hence, it is just a once-a-day play. This makes this game non-addictive but also intense. All you need to do is go to The New York Times games website and play it, the game resets daily.

(vi) Does Wordle Use Plurals?

Ans: There is no rule that Wordle can’t use plural words. However,  no plural words have been used till now. It can be because of the fact that plural words are rare. Three ‘s’ ending words have been used in 2022, but there were not plural, they were Focus, Rebus, and Truss.

(vii) Can You Use The Same Letter Twice in Wordle?

Ans: Yes, you can use the same twice in the wordle. This increases the difficulty of this game, as many players claim that guessing the same letter twice and even thrice is a major challenge that they face.


So this was all about the famous game Wordle.

You must have seen people twitting about this game, and now you know about this game, you can also join them.

This game is definitely not easy but you will have a good time guessing letters.


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